Pads RP-B Kick Pad


The Kick drums of the RP-B series are holding their own and won't let you down whenever you're touring on the road or performing in a club. Thanks to their slim design besides that they look brazenly cool, they also fit easily in your car's trunk. They come with color foil or lacquer finish of your choice.


  • Mesh head
  • Big diameter besides the compact form
  • Stylis and modern design
  • Can be used with double pedal
  • Dynamic sensing



Kick drum, 10 inch.


Kick drum, 12 inch.


Kick drum, 14 inch.

Custom shop

This product can be ordered in custom sizes and design.

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Technical parameters

RP-10B RP-12B RP-14B
Connector 6.35mm TS (mono jack)
Diameter 10" 12" 14"