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The pads of the PP series are not just providing an excellent feel while playing, but they look good as well thanks to their chrome lugs and chrome bearing at the bottom of the shell. They can be used as snares or toms. Can be ordered in various color choices.


  • Mesh head
  • Dual-zone sensors: separate sensors for drum head and rim
  • Replaceable rim silencers¬†for damping rimshot sound
  • Made of unbreakable plastic
  • Mountable on rack or tom holder
  • Mesh head can be replaced with real drum head
  • Natural rebound and excellent play feel
  • High sensibility for accurate sensing of the smallest hits



Dual-zone PP pad, 8 inch.


Dual-zone PP pad, 10 inch.

Custom Shop

This product can be ordered in custom design.

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Technical parameters

PP-08D PP-10D
Connector 6.35mm TRS (stereo jack)
Diameter 8" 10"
Shell depth 10 cm