Crash SC-D Dual-Zone Crash


The dual-zone crashes of the SC-D series providing separate sensors on the bow and on the edge. Recommended to use as a crash or splash but can be also applied as a dual-zone ride.


  • Dual-zone sensors: separate sensing of edge and bow
  • Muting: The sound gets muted when the edge is gripped with hand (if the drum module supports this action)
  • Made of unbreakable plastic
  • Thick rubber coating on the whole surface producing silent operation and comfortable feel
  • Can be mounted on any traditional cymbal stands
  • Controlled swing
  • Natural feel and silent operation



Dual-zone crash, 8 inch.


Dual-zone crash, 12 inch.


Dual-zone crash, 16 inch.

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Techncal parameters

SC-08D SC-12D SC-16D
Connector 6.35mm TRS (stereo jack)
Sensor mode piezo/switch
Diameter 8" 12" 16"